Align your vision to a design that you wholeheartedly love!


 Hey There, I'm Melissa!


As the creator of Be Moved Designs LLC, my mission is to simplify the experience of branding and website development for the creatives and online wellness leaders.  

Elevate your Online Presence

Be Moved is built on the belief that navigating this online world is (generally) COMPLICATED. And despite that, you have a business to run! Learning design tricks and website coding are likely the last things you have time to deal with right now. You know how I know this?


Because I have been there!

As a former yoga studio owner, I see you. I know what it is like to crave a powerful online presence (without dropping thousands of dollars on a website that is unreasonably difficult to manage). Be Moved is committed to ELEVATING your presence at a reasonable cost so that you can EASILY update the content yourself and show up as a leader that can be taken seriously in this digital world.