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Share your story

Connect you to your clients

Organically promote sales

Be Branded

(Brand Design)

Your brand speaks to what you believe and what you support. Creating a strong illustration, based on your business’s purpose, is how you will be recognized and remembered!


In just 30 days, you will receive:

  • Color + Font Palette

  • Single primary logo

  • Two responsive logos

  • Three Branded Graphic Designs for Instagram


Be Created

(Website Design)

This package is for the entrepreneurs who have a solid brand, logo, colors, patterns, fonts and content in place and who need to create or update their website.


Your website is your digital home. Your clients will use your website to decide on who you are, what you do and if you can help them. I will work with you to design a website that is clear and purposeful so you can connect to your community authentically. You will walk away with a website that resonates powerfully with your brand, voices your offerings clearly and attracts your ideal client.

In just 45 days, you will receive:

• Complete Website

• Branded Icon

• SEO Integration

• Integrated Payment System & Email Marketing

• 30 Days of Support upon Completion

Be Integrated

(Brand & Website Design)

Want it all and do not know where to start, I’ve got you! Get all the results of both Be Branded (branding) and Be Created (website) packages wrapped up in one so you can Be Integrated.


- Gina Ward, SHIFT2LEAD

"Melissa has designed three websites for me and re-created my logo twice. I love working with her because she is not only creative and fun, she is highly professional and very responsive. She takes time to listen to my thoughts, understand my needs all while giving me the feedback I need to keep me on track. I am a coach and I send all of my clients to her for their branding and website needs."

Image by Jess Bailey

Need to Be Customized ? No Problem!

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